A mainstream Republican Senate candidate has apparently embraced an alt.right conspiracy theory so deranged it can't be explained with a straight face.  Or at least, couldn't be until it got supplanted by QAnon.

Pizzagate teaches that the Clintons, John Podesta, and a bunch of other globalist Zionist liberals are part of an international ring of pedophiles.  Or to be more specific an international ring of pedophiles that isn't the Catholic Church.  But I digress.  This ring of pedophiles--I forgot to mention, they're Satanists too--hold their orgiastic devil-worshipping rituals with kidnapped kids in the basement of a DC pizza joint.  

I am not making this up. 

But despite its obvious absurdity, the delusion gained enough traction online that soon the trailerparks were abuzz with tales of left-wing kid-rape. So much so that one lackwit, armed of course, went into the pizza joint demanding to see the basement where the children were imprisoned.  Imagine his disappointment when he learned that there were neither kids nor basement.  Luckily he turned himself in, but not before letting go a round.

So Pizzagate gained its currency through a network of online slimeblowers including Infowars, second anus of Sandy Hook denier Alex Jones, and Breitbart, captained by mottled marsh-dweller Steve Bannon.  But prominent among them was Mike Cernovich, well known to incels in their moms' basements for his advocacy of "men's rights."

Cernovich is now part of the campaign bus tour of Kelli Ward, who is fighting the good fight to keep Arizona red and stupid in 2018.  Ward is the Republican Party's nominee for the Senate seat opened by Jeff Flake's retirement.  She was interviewed in her alternate universe last night by MSNBC.  Pressed on her implicit endorsement of Cernovich's conspiracy theories, she explained only that she wanted to "reach his audience."  In other words, she wants crazy people to vote for her.

This would not be quite so alarming if it hadn't followed President Donald Trump's recent Twitter demand that social media stop deleting the accounts of fascist hate-speechers and conspiracy theorists.  By mere days.  Coincidence?  

That's what they want you to think!  Connect the dots!

Just saying.