Sitting right there on the desktop is a draft titled "RED HEN LEADS THE WAY!"

I'm not posting it.  

However emotionally gratifying it may be to think of Sarah Sanders getting the heave-ho from a restaurant for simple karmic repugnance, it's not a good thing.  For reasons cultural and political, we shouldn't shame Trumpers. 

First the cultural.  Trump, as candidate and president, has coarsened and cheapened our political discourse to a level not seen since Preston Brooks caned Charles Sumner in the Senate.  His crudity is evident on the most granular level--imagine Ronald Reagan calling a football player a son of a bitch?  Or saying "hell" in public?  Perhaps the daily drip-drip-drip of quotidian sleaze is more dangerous than his open incitement of mob violence at his now-weekly rallies.

But that just amounts to saying "they started it."  Responding in kind, no matter how justified,  contributes to a downward spiral that will next feature mud wrestling as party primaries.

Even more important is the political peril.  The Trump base is all about victimization.  And while it's certainly not without basis--white working people have not done well in the twenty-first century, and have the declining life expectancy to prove it--it's focused its rage not on the Wall Street oligopoly responsible, but on more visible targets.  As I've written earlier, the alt.right feels excluded and belittled by "the Culture"--media, Hollywood, and the cool kids in the cafeteria.  Not letting their spokespeople eat with us is the most inflammatory kind of confirmation possible.  And that most likely to get them out to the polls in November.

Sure, it would be fun to pelt Scott Pruitt with stool.  But it will only make things worse.  And they're plenty bad enough as it is.