As recently exhumed Trump consigliere Rudy "the Laughing Corpse" Giuliani drags the president into the grave, a fun fact from his time on earth is worth remembering.

I'm not referring, at least directly, to his very recent--and successful--efforts to use pro-Trump elements in the FBI to throw the election.  At the time, it was widely thought that James Comey's abrupt re-opening and re-closure of the Clinton investigation were a response to the Lord of the Undead's threat to leak reports from law-enforcement contacts he'd maintained from his days as US Attorney. It's worth wondering whether anybody at Robert "Bobby the Gravedigger" Mueller's shop is looking into that, though, giving Nosferatu personal skin in an investigation he's doing his best to thwart.

No, I'm talking about his political response to 9/11.  True, he stepped up big league in the immediate aftermath of the attack. 

But then he used the disaster as a possible excuse for hanging onto power.  Giuliani was term-limited, compelled by the City's charter to leave office January 1, 2002.  But no more willing to leave office than any other fascist, he first floated the idea of postponing the election, and when that fell flat, explicitly proposed delaying the inauguration of his elected successor.

That didn't go over so well, either.  He left office as scheduled.

This is important to remember.  Giuliani's instincts are antidemocratic and authoritarian.  He saw 9/11 as a justification to subvert a fundamental element of New York's constitution.  He now has the ear of another tyrannical bully in deep deep trouble.  How long will it take him to find an excuse to fire Mueller? Or arrest Comey?  Or Hillary?  Or shut down CNN?

Luckily, given his recent grampa-off-his meds performance on Fox, it's entirely possible that he'll manage to drive a stake into his own heart.