White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders could barely control her anger when describing Halloween’s verbal assault on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis.

Her statement came after what she described as “well-organized and musically talented left-wing Francophones” disrupted a restaurant gathering that included the recently confirmed rapist-monarchist as well as the Sunshine State’s pro-slavery Trump acolyte.

Sanders’ celebrated asymmetrical scowl was even more lopsided than usual when she took the podium today. “As you and the American people know,” she began, “Brett Kavanaugh and Ron DeSantis are top graduates of Yale University and like former President George Bush are alumni of its service oriented DKE fraternal organization. When they and some of their fraternity brothers found themselves here in Washington DC when soon to be Governor DeSantis was taking a break from the campaign trail and Justice Kavanaugh needed some time off from undoing the last hundred and fifty years, naturally they decided to meet up with some old frat buddies at a popular Washington watering hole.

“Because it was Halloween,” Sander continued, “they decided to dress up in their old frat uniforms. They got to the restaurant and they had a few beers.” Sanders paused and then added defiantly, “They like beer.”

“What happened next has luckily been captured on cellphone video. As you can see Justice B, as we call him, and Governor Ron are having a good old time swinging the tankards and singing their alma mater, Bright College Years, which through no fault of theirs is a German military drinking song,

“And in a breach of the very same civility the crybaby never-Trump anti-nationalist globalist elite keeps whimpering for, the Democrat Antifa thugs break up a fun private party with a song in a foreign European language that promotes socialist concepts like liberty, equality, and brotherhood.”

Sanders paused a moment to wipe spittle from the microphone. “But see this disgusting, outrageous, ridiculous display for yourselves. Here it is.