Okay, let me get this straight.  Yesterday a slender majority of older, white, less educated rural voters narrowly defeated the wishes of younger, multicultural, well-educated city dwellers and took Britain out of Europe.  Fueled in large part by a poorly considered distrust of immigrants and an inarticulate desire to take their country back.

But if that weren't enough, the architect and chief beneficiary of the Brexit vote is a crypto-fascist anti-immigrant sexist clown with really, really weird hair.  Sound familiar?  Seriously, this is an omen straight out of Sophocles.  

Boris Johnson, former Mayor of London and now the leading contender for the premiership Cameron is vacating, in many ways out-Trumps Deadbeat Don.  Born in New York--really--and multiply married, his personal life is even more baroque by virtue of an illegitimate child he struggles unsuccessfully to keep private.  Though more articulate and better educated than DD, like his American doppelganger he conceals his intelligence and ruthlessness under a veneer of buffoonery.

Yet even more chilling than the similarities between their bases and hairstyles are their identical campaign tactics: repeated lies to an uncritical base.  For example, when called on a patently false claim that a Brexit would allow the UK to save 350 million pounds a week that could be redirected to the NHS, Johnson simply repeated it at his next campaign stop.  Only this morning are some Leave proponents admitting its falsity.  Too late.

And now the electorate is looking at the consequences of successful demagoguery: market turmoil, a plummeting pound, and of course the likely breakup of the UK as Scotland exits Britain to remain in Europe.   From space you can see a giant thought balloon over the country reading "WTF?"

A bighaired blowhard is on his way to the leadership of his country.  We have been warned.