Connecticut's weather has become something from the Book of Revelation.  Saturday night we had lashing rain and high winds topped off by a midnight storm of pea-sized hail that broke one of my windows.  The window was in the front of the house and I was working in the back and so hadn't noticed the damage or the hail.  When I stepped outside, after it was over, I thought the neighborhood was covered by tiny styrofoam packing pellets.

Yesterday we had snow squalls and freezing rain that culminated in the luckless Mrs. H. being turned back from an icebound bridge.  When I came home a few hours later I found that buds just emerging from the trees were completely encased and new tulips crushed.  

This morning the branches were still covered.  When the wind blew they made a sound between a rattle and a tinkle.  As the day warmed parked cars beneath pinged as they were struck by falling ice cubes.