So here's a remarkable coincidence.  Okay, a coincidence.  Well, a couple of events that appear to be tangentially related if you don't look too hard.  Or maybe just two things that have nothing to do with one another at all except to provoke a blog post.  You be the judge!

So my friend April Bradley is Facebooking from AWP and she just happens to casually mention Bartleby Snopes. And I just happen to be sitting on the other side of the country killing a little time before I haul my sorry aging carcass to the gym, the best means of doing so being Facebook.  So I see the post and ask what she has to do with Snopes.  Turns out she's the assistant editor, which I somehow didn't know.  I say "somehow" not because I'm ever surprised by my ignorance but because Snopes ran a piece of mine in the not too distant past called "Mr. Personality."  

The story is significant because it contains the first fictional appearance of my muse and keeper, the enigmatic and pithy Mrs. H.  There's a Czech author who wrote his autobiography from his wife's point of view, in which he appears as a beer-swilling buffoon.  A form, obviously, perfectly suited to my own eventual memoir.  In any event, here's a link.  

I think it's pretty funny.  I guess that's part of the problem.