Emily Hauser received a starred first-class degree in Classics from Cambridge University, where she studied with Mary Beard.  She then spent a year at Harvard as a Guggenheim Fellow.  While completing her Ph.D at Yale, she signed a three-book contract with Penguin UK for a series of novels recounting ancient Greek myths in modern language. 

Like that's hard or something.

In any event, she recently suffered a monumental lapse in taste and said the following:

“Terence Hawkins’ 'The Rage of Achilles' is a bloody and brutal rendering of one of the great stories of mythic Greece. Battle scenes are convincing and redolent of Homer’s own: this is Greek myth red in tooth and claw. Visceral and to-the-point, it grabs you and doesn’t let go.”

The first installment of her  trilogy will be available in the US from Pegasus in January.  Her BBC podcast is "A History of the Classical World in 100 Objects."