Princess Lida of Uniontown Continued

This is a picture of the Princess' house before its fall.  Her exploits were not limited to marriage to a prince.  

Her first husband, Irishman Gerald Purcell--sometimes called "Lord Gerald" or "General Purcell" made his money in cattle on the West Coast, where he met the then-untitled Lida.  He decided to try his hand at mining in Fayette County, where he founded the town of Shamrock.  (Who else?) Their marriage was dissolved by an Act of the Irish Parliament so she could marry her prince.  She and Purcell had two sons.  In the fifties, she launched what turned out to be protracted and highly public litigation to have one, "Lord" John Purcell, declared an habitual drunkard.    

She was not the only spouse with prior entanglements.  A New York showgirl claimed to be married to Prince Viktor, and our Princess sued to prohibit her from using the title.  

Litigation had become her favorite blood sport.  She brought suit against her uncle and trustee, celebrated coal baron J.V. Thompson.  The case made its way to the US Supreme Court in 1946.

Tip of the iceberg.