I'm not the only smart person on the internet.  No, really!  On this page I've gathered links to sites I think you'll enjoy.

First, Calliope Crashes, offering opinion and cultural reporting, curated by polymath Shawn Crawford.

Next, Origins Journal, founded by Dini Karasik, an alumna of the inaugural Yale Writers' Conference.  

Here's a link to the blog of Mary Ellen Connor Smith, an alumna of the Company of Writers and the Yale Writers' Conference.

And please do take a look at the Southern Collective Experience, a project of poet Clifford Brooks III that publishes the Blue Mountain Review.

You cannot possibly deprive yourself of the exhaustively researched and incisively presented discussions of science and philosophy at Stuff to Blow Your Mind.  Smart stuff for smart people.  

I was recently steered to 3Quarks Daily, now featuring a regular column by the aforementioned Shawn Crawford, the Sage of Tulsa.  Six days a week it's a painstakingly and thoughtfully curated aggregator; on Mondays, however, it publishes new material from a really impressive stable of commentators.

And speaking of aggregation and curation, there really is nothing to equal Arts and Letters Daily.