It’s the day after tomorrow.  The Patriot Amendments have repealed the Bill of Rights.  The Homeland Police have exclusive jurisdiction over anything affecting national security.  Their drones patrol the streets.  
    Enter Blingbling.  Undocumented, apparently homeless, foreign-looking, he’s accused of the murder of a hiphop artist.  His lawyer, Raleigh, struggles to keep him from Homeland’s clutches until a routine DNA test exposes a secret that threatens to destroy his client, his career, and much more.
    Legal thriller, political satire, and speculative fiction, American Neolithic is also a  story of loyalty, betrayal, and redemption.  


"A towering work of speculative fiction."

                   ---Kirkus Reviews, in a Best Book of the Year review

"American Neolithic is likely the first legal dystopian science fiction comic philosophical thriller--it's 100-proof with a dash of bitters, and as funny as grim hell."                                                                                   ---John Crowley, author of Ka and Little, Big

“This is a one-of-a-kind novel. . .Terry Hawkins is a bold and fearless writer.”
                    ---Tom Perrotta, author of The Leftovers and
                    Little Children

“Hawkins’. . .characters’ struggles with a rigged justice system are suspenseful, moving, and timely.”
                    ---Pedro Ponce, in The Los Angeles Review

"Part dystopian nightmare, part gritty bildungsroman, part satire of our current police state, American Neolithic is an ambitious Frankenstein's monster of a novel that is as funny as it is terrifying.  Neanderthal Noir at its finest."                                                                                                                ---Nathaniel Rich, author of King Zeno and Odds Against Tomorrow

“You will be amazed at Terence Hawkins’ prodigious imagination, his Bowie-sharp wit, and the skill with which he tells a story that’s as morally urgent as it is satirically diverting.”
                    ---Julia Glass, author of Three Junes and And the Dark Sacred Night                          

“About as perfect as a novel gets. . . .If you’re going to read only one contemporary speculative fiction novel this year, make it this one”
                        --Jason Pettus, Chicago Center for Literature and Photography

“American Neolithic, while toggling between two very different voices, is bone-dry, witty, affecting, and never less than riveting.”
                        ---Teddy Wayne, author of The Love Song of Jonny Valentine

“Terence Hawkins’s American Neolithic is a special novel; thematically rich, it also provides all the pleasures of a hard-boiled thriller. The unique premise and lovingly crafted characters will stay with you long after you’ve closed the book.”

—-Jennifer Maritza Macaulay in Rain Taxi

"Heartbreaking, brilliant, and subversive in a subtle way."

                        ---Center for Literary Publishing, Colorado State University

". . .[T]he characters shine here. The two central figures rise above the novel itself-- Blingbling, a poet at heart, unmoved by extreme circumstance, not out of ignorance but out of a deep, genetic-level hope that sustains him through each and every bleak situation he describes, and Raleigh, a protagonist in the classic mold of the cynic who hopes to be proven wrong-- it's these two that I will think of long after I've put down this book."                                                                                                                  ---Justin Colussy-Estes in Guys' Lit Wire